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5 Waterfalls In Germany To Witness The Charismatic Beauty Of Nature

Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe. Although famous as a tourist destination, many visitors do not know how beautiful its waterfalls are. Even the tourists visiting from nearby European countries like Austria or Netherlands often miss a chance to explore the waterfalls in Germany. Some of the waterfalls such as the ones in […]

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10 Magnificent Castles Of Switzerland That Will Make You Feel Like A Time Traveler

The very mention of a holiday in Switzerland is enough to send many into deliriums of ecstasy with the flurry of panoramic images that comes with it. Be it the craft beer and castles, new-age restaurants and waterfront bars, swimming in the Rhine or Limmat, and hiking on the snow-clad peaks, things to do in Switzerland […]

Pompeii Ruins: Everything You Need To Know About This Historic Gem In Italy
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Pompeii Ruins: Everything You Need To Know About This Historic Gem In Italy

If you’re a looking to travel to Italy, then visiting the Pompeii Ruins is a must. Italy is not just known for its finger-licking food, but its captivating architecture too that is bound to leave you in awe. Pompeii, once filled with luxurious villas, small shops, and one-of-a-kind temples, is now a world-famous historic site, […]

Best Things to Do in France
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Best Things to Do in France

France serves to delight the romantically inclined with fairy-tale castles, picture-perfect villages, soaring cathedrals, and still, the country manages to impress realists together with its progressive and yet contemporary styling. Whilst perusing the streets of Paris, be sure to take in the delights of the Eiffel Tower, which represents the modernized emblem of France. Then, […]

10 Must-Have Experiences In UK On Your Next Trip
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10 Must-Have Experiences In UK On Your Next Trip

The United Kingdom has impacted history in ways more than one. The sovereign state including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has made fascinating contributions to art, literature, sports, global politics and technology over the years. There are many things to do in United Kingdom on your trip, which is why we decided to list our […]

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Though Switzerland is located in Europe, Switzerland is not part of the European Union (so citizens from EU countries might have to pay customs when shopping in Switzerland). Four official languages are spoken in Switzerland. Most of Switzerland consists of the German-speaking part (north and east), while the south west speaks French, and Italian is the main […]